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Campus Story: The SUG Election – Episode 1(Strife for Power)


‘ THE SUG ELECTION 🎭 ‘(Strife for Power)_ – written by Joshua Ogah.

It was exactly 3weeks to the SUG elections in UNICAL and it’s the trending thing all over the school, with aspirants making campaigns, setting manifestoes and arranging thugs as well for ballot snatching and all the rest.😉

This is the conversation between two female students as they walked across the SUG building👇👇👇

Clara : “SUG my foot mtcheeew😞😞? The purpose of the Student Union Goverment(SUG) is for proper representation and advocacy of the students in the school authority , I don’t know why it’s a different thing all together in this school😞”
Just enriching their pockets with our money faaa…” 😒

Ekaette: My dear, I swear the tin tire me oooo, could you imagine that this incumbent government  have turned the SUG body into a business firm,
making sure their candidate win the presidential seat every year yet they don’t care about we the students😟.

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The school increased our school fees, they did nothing about it, we tried protesting but they terrorised us with the school ANTI CULT SQUAD, MAN O’ WAR and even cultists 😩,

but during elections, it’s violence and snatching of ballots everywhere but the ANTI CULT SQUAD no dey do anything then ooo😏, the school authority sef  has always sided the them. Clara, in fact I’m tired, I won’t even vote in the upcoming SUG polls, I swear I no go  try am because my vote don’t count, they may even break my head while trying to vote the candidate of my choice due to the violence😞😞😞

Clara : Wetin I dey go do there??? dat day sef, e better make I jejely sleep for lodge , dey don announce the winner already within themselves😆😅😆

Ekaette : I tel you…😁😁😁 but tank GOD, shaa,   the VC is retiring soon, the new one coming may not support that corrupt party

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Clara: We pray so ooo… I kukuma dey graduate soon, wetin concern me😅😃😀
They both laughed as they walked away.

The Student Union Government(SUG) is a student body concerned with the representation and advocacy of the students to the school authority but unfortunately, in UNICAL, it’s the other way round

The SUG there only enrich themselves, winning elections there is more of god-fatherism and duress other than merit.

Candidates from the Faculty of Art  have been in power for 5years, they’ve refused to step down for other candidates in other faculties 😒. It may be because they worked hand-in-hand with the VC, probably because he studied theatre art. 😕

They also have backups from the most notorious confraternities in the school.

It was less than 3 weeks to the SUG elections. This time opposing parties were more determined to unseat the incumbent party.

The contestants were:

Udoh Kingsley from Faculty of Art.

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Akpan Godwin from Faculty of Engineering.

John Christian from Faculty of Physical Science.

Okon Michael from Faculty of Law.

Jecinta Akam from the Faculty of Management sciences.

For presidential seat.

The candidate from the faculty of management science was the only female contestant. Deeply moved by the oppression and sexual harassment of female students, she took the bold step to ensure she emerges SUG president to advocate for the female students!

Her campaign manifestoes were equitable representation, transformation and advocacy for women. She was so determined, however she knew her chances of winning were thin.

She indirectly supported the candidate from the Faculty of Physical science , John Christian who was as well determined to end god-fatherism in the school’s SUG, suppress cultism, advocate against sexual harassment and robbery in the school and adequately represent the students at the school body.

Days gone by… Elections were fast approaching…

To be Continued

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