Campus Story: The Jagaban of Unizik - Episode 2(The fall of Jagaban) 1


THE JAGABAN OF UNIZIK (The fall of JAGABAN)  – written by Joshua Ogah_

That fateful evening, JAGABAN and his boys were in a bush bar drinking and flexing, unaware to them, the ANTI CULT SQUAD had arranged with a female syndicate who is to disguise herself as a harlot to seduce JAGABAN.😏

Behold a fair lady, dressed half naked, with most of her body parts completely exposed🥵🥵🥵
She walked majestically to where JAGABAN and his boys were drinking and she started dancing erotically to the notice of them 🧖‍♀.

She looked so sexy that JAGABAN was perplexed, he taught she’s one of the prostitutes there. JAGABAN whispered to his boys ‘’Oboy… dis gal too hot ooo‘’😜🤪😝

JAGABAN was even more perplexed when she came closer to him, touched him her warmth hands and whispered to his ears, ‘’let’s do some crazy things in the other room‘’🥵🥰🥵🤪

Kaaii! this time around, all his hormones were active and was ready discharge 😂.
JAGABAN lustfully followed her to the guest room in the bush bar.
He never knew he was walking to his grave😣😣😣

As they walked away, his boys hailed him, JAGABAN, CAPON!!! And he said ‘’Na we get ZIK‘’ 🙌🙌

When they got to the room, this girl dropped her handbag, removed her blouse 👙 and pushed JAGABAN to the bed and romanced him😘😘😘

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This time JAGABAN penis was erected already, as he tried to penetrate her 😋, she said “babe, chill…you gonna have a good time here”🤪😜😜

She got her handbag and brought out a medicated chewing gum, she gave it to JAGABAN  to chew and have a fresh breath,🥶 his mouth smelt so alcoholic.

This time he behaved more like a fool since he was horny; he quickly collected the gum and started chewing but he never knew it’s medicated as to induce sleep. As soon as he started chewing, he became dizzy and slept off within two minutes.😴

Yeah! the girl’s plan is slowly becoming successful.🙂🙂🙂
His boys were outside thinking he’s enjoying himself.

This time, the girl was sure he asleep, she removed all his amulets therefore making him vulnerable.

The SQUAD were already outside prepared for the girl to finish her part. When she did, she quickly alerted them via phone and they bagged into the bush bar, released a bullet and as JAGABAN’s boys tried to run, they apprehended them immediately.

The girl already told them the room where JAGABAN was and as they got there, behold the almighty JAGABAN lying on the bed on just boxers and singlet with his mouth wide open 😅

They took a deep breathe, finally JAGABAN had fallen! 😇

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They handcuffed him immediately and as they tried to take him out, he opened his eyes, he was confused at first, as they dragged him out, he realised he had been tricked! 🙆‍♂

All his amulets were no longer there, he couldn’t disappear again!
They pushed him out, he entered the Hilux and they drove off. 🚘

The news that JAGABAN have been apprehended went forth like a fire in the harmattan. Some doubted it while some rejoiced 💃💃, if not for any other thing, at least they could now sleep with both eyes closed; rival cultists on the other hand wished they had caught JAGABAN by themselves. Whichever, one thing was that the school knew peace for at least a day, JAGABAN had been a big threat to them.

It became the gist of the day all over the campus and lecture halls. Songs were sang in excitement of the news😁😁

🎼 _Almighty JAGABAN has fallen down flat_

_Almighty JAGABAN has fallen down flat_

_As the students Of ZIK have been crying to God._

_Almighty JAGABAN has fallen down flat_

It became the song all over ☺

JAGABAN tarried under the ANTI CULT custody for a week before he was charged to court, while in their custody, they tortured him so brutally that who knew him before wouldn’t recognize him again. They removed his dreadlocks with bare hands, so painful😫😫😫

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At court, he and history boys were sentenced to death by Firing!
As they took them out to be executed, his mother was crying and shouting trying to hold him but they drew her back.😭😢

They tied them to iron drums and they were given two minutes each to say their last wishes, his boys had nothing to say but JAGABAN requested that they allow him to whisper something to his mother🤨.

They permited her, amidst tears, she brought her right ear closer to JAGABAN to hear what he want to tell her, behold he gripped the tip of her ear 👂😡 with his teeth and bit it off😰😰😰 She shouted in agony as her ear bled,

JAGABAN shouted “this woman never chastised me, she made me become a criminal by supporting my bad habits. That’s good for you”

As he said these, the commandant ordered the firing squad to shoot and in the next one minute, the boys were deadmen!😣😣😣
Their remains were taken away by their relations.
And  that was how the almighty  JAGABAN fell.

A great man is one who has control over his manhood, a women can stripped a mighty man of all his might with just a pat.
Be disciplined·