Campus Story- That Fateful Night

  1. Todays story is titled “That Fateful Night”. 

Yess! The name sounds juicy😉. Dont miss! Here it goes:

My name is Eseosa, a student of Business Administration,  University of Benin,  and this is my story.
I wanna believe everyone one of us have that *fateful night*, but this is mine;

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A night to the night in question was my boyfriend’s birthday party, I couldn’t make it to the party though against the promises I made to him, I promised to be at the party,  but I never went. 😞
I knew I wouldn’t attend, I wasn’t the party type. Although the nature of the party wasn’t palatable to me, I tried reaching him that day to lay down my excuses but he wasn’t picking,  I felt he was busy or perhaps angry with me,  I concluded to apologizing when I see him in person. 😕

Very early the next morning,  i called him to apologize,  he never sounded angry,  rather he said he understood and would come and see me soon ,  I was quite relieved,  but on the second thought,  I said to my self “.. Or did he enjoy himself without me?? ” “who knows how many girls rallied round him”😏  though it wasn’t much of a concern to me.

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My relationship with Fred (my boyfriend) was based on moral principles,  despite the fact that I vowed when I first got admission that I won’t date till my final year😁 (that kind thing 😏),  but sometimes we fresher’s speak like a day old child, the truth was my fear for relationship wasn’t that a I didn’t like it or that I saw it as filthy,  but because I never wanted to be wasted cos the stories I have heard was scary,  I feared for premarital s** as I was a v*rgin😝.

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Even when guys kept coming at my early stage,  I just listed my conditions to them and they ran away 😁,  at a time I got fed up.
But that was the time Fred came into the scene,  he accepted the conditions without questioning them, he has remained faithful to everyone of them,  though he has his flaws and arrogant lifestyle and that’s how we have been for 2 years now, the love growing  sweeter 😘

By 2PM that day,  my phone rang and it was Fred calling:

Fred : “Hello baby”
Me: “Boo aww fa”
Fred: “I was thinking if you could come over to my lodge, so we could have a small party since you couldnt make it to my birthday,  just me and you”
Me: (speechless) (this is the first time Fred is asking me to come to his lodge, it was against our rules🤨)
Fred: Sweetheart I know its sounding new but I mean no harm😘.
Me: but you know I don’t visit guys na
Fred: hmm Ese. I am not a guy,  am your boyfriend,  and you owe me you know?  Please 🙏
Me: lemme see wat I can do
Fred: 😀😁 na y I too like u😘

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The way my heart was bitting,  it was more perfect than a drummer 😟,  I couldn’t tell why,  but I was afraid, I did my prayers and left for his place,  I made myself a promise to leave there by 4pm with the excuse of having a program in the church😁 or even earlier if something else goes wrong.

I got to his place by 3:13pm that day, I met him preparing indomie mixed with egg😋,  he had already bought wine and some other drinkd with a soft love music to match.
He received me excitedly,  but yet I still carried out my suspicious look😏

He served the food at about 4:04pm, past the time I said I would leave,  but the aroma of the food was so enticing that I had no option than to stay, I then resolved to having a good time with my boyfriend 😜 with the aim to be out before 6pm.

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We ate,  laughed at each others jokes, played games,  smiled at each others love and tragic experience 😋.
Sometimes spending time with your lover is healthy.

I didn’t feel like going like going, I felt like spending the whole year there,  but I have to go *before fish begins to roar* (before matters get worse)
But unfortunately for me,  it began raining heavily and heavy this time,  that venturing it wasn’t an option,  I asked if he had umbrella,  he showed me one small thing that could get broken on the road. 😕

It was then I said to myself,  *“Chicken has finally given birth to a dog”* (there is a very big problem),  it kept raining uncontrollably till 9pm. 🙆🙆

I was in a confused state on where to sleep,  I just knew *Sand don enta okra soup* 😏

Fred was able to detect I was not comfortable anymore, and asked that I shouldn’t be afraid that he fully remembers our vow,  it gave me a little relief tho.
I slept on his bed while he slept on the floor🙄,  but I no gree sleep cos *lion fit begin chop grass* ,  by 12:00pm that night he……..

Hehehe…this one sweet ooo…episode 2 coming up😉.

To be continued

 Source : Sipisi Media