Campus Story: Gabriella - Episode 4 1


‘ GABRIELLE ‘❣[ episode 4] _– by Confidence Festus

        Right off the bat I cooked the food and dished it for Ben, who was busy with his phone smiling 😊. Only God knows the girl he was deceiving.

Ben can do crazy things for girls to win their hearts. Not only was he nicknamed “hand bag” because of his attitude of carrying girls handbags everyday in school, he’s also a terrible liar 😆. The other day he was unfortunate to sleep off while chatting😉,

I quickly took his phone  to check his chats, only to see his skillfully coined lies to one of his victims, telling her that he read public health in Canada 😳😱, but he came down to Nigeria to read Optometry😏, that he will soon be going back for his masters, asking her to be his soulmate. The foolish girl agreed.

She has been hoodwinked. Another prey for Mr Ben. Though I admire pretty girls, but doing stupid things like Ben to get them is not my cup of tea. 😒

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“Oga, you better leave that girl, come chop this food and tell me wetin I wan hear. I dey busy” I said dropping the food for him.
He took the food, smelt it, nodded his head.

“Chizzy my man, not only that this girl has clouded your mind, she has made you a great chef, I hope I experience this everyday” he said smiling.

“experience kill you there, Oga chop that food fast, I dey do assignment” I said frowning.

“Guy chill, no dey rush me” he said scooping the indomie into his mouth.

I stood there watching, waiting for him to finish the food, I couldn’t concentrate again, I couldn’t go back to the assignment I was doing. Finally he finished the food.
“Chizzy, please after this I will like you to explain something for me on Surd” he said packing the plates.

“I thought you just came back from tutorial? ” I asked.

“Guy what’s up nah? I lost concentration, I couldn’t grab it” he said walking away with the plate.

“I know it must be a girl that made you lose concentration, don’t worry I will help you” I replied, am sure he didn’t hear me.

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Even though am not a fan of mathematics, surd is one of my favorite topics, I can close my eyes and explain it.

Moments later, Ben came out and sat beside me on the bed.

“Chizzy, before I continue, do you love that girl, and don’t even try to pretend cuz I know you do, just want to hear it from you” he said looking serious. 🤨

I saw the seriousness on Ben’s face, then I made up my mind not to pretend anymore.

“Yes I do” I replied.

“Have you told her?” he asked looking serious, eager to hear my reply.

“No am just holding my horses” I said.

“Stop holding your horses man, strike while the iron is hot, what are you waiting for?.

“You know I never loved her right from our secondary school days, I can’t just go and tell her now, it’s somehow” I sighed.

“Make a step first. Any way I saw her coming out of Sunic with that Obinna guy you showed me the other day, holding hands like husband and wife”.

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“Wait, what?, I knew there’s something fishy between the two” I said standing up, pacing around.

“There’s nothing fishy, rather there’s something fishy about you. Maybe you are waiting for her to come to you and say,  Chizzy please be my boyfriend or maybe when the time comes she will be the one kneeling to propose to you”.

“With the way that girl dey control your brain, if she leaves you depression fit set in, and am not ready to sing water run away my eyes. So you better do the necessary, am outta here” he said banging the door.

What Ben said really pierced my heart, I’ve not seen him with so much seriousness, maybe he’s ashamed of my cowardice. From that moment I decided to pour out my heart to her.

The next day, I was coming back from lectures with Ben, I saw Gabby and Obinna coming towards our direction…….😳

To be Continued