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Campus Story: Gabriella – Episode 1(A love story)


“GABRIELLA” _- written by Confidence Festus and edited by Sipisi Chibuzor


🎶 Am not afraid
To take a stand
Come, take my hand
We’ll walk this road together
Through the……. 🎶

My phone ringtone brought me back from oblivion as I was busy observing the beauty of God’s creation on Imo State girls. 😁

“Owerri has pretty Queens shaa ” I said to myself. I sighed as I reach out for my phone. It was Gabriella. Gabriella was my classmate in secondary school,she was fortunate to get admission at first trial, but, my village people decided to make me a Jamb customer for 3 years 😂.  Thank God am no longer in their web. This year God decided to to bless with admission in Futo to study Optometry. 😋

Me:Hello Gabby

Gabriella: Hello Chizzy, I’ve been waiting for you for so long. You told me you will be coming for the clearance today, aren’t you coming again? 🤨

Me: Am sorry dear, traffic held me up, am actually on my way coming. 🤦‍♂

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Gabriella: Better cuz I prepared something delicious for you. 🥰

Me: Really? I can’t wait to devour the delicious something(winks)🤭

Gabriella: (laughs) you better start coming now. 😁

Me: Today na Today 😂

Gabriella: What did you say? 😏

Me: Nothing. 😊

Gabriella: That reminds me, if you arrive, ask for SOPS Theatre. You will see me there. ☺

Me: Okay(hangs up)

Gabriella had this kinda crush on me while we were in secondary school. But my feelings for her then is kinda of and on something. But I believe that love can grow. 😚

Finally, I arrived Futo, asked for SOPS Theatre where she asked me to locate her. She saw me, rushed to where I was standing looking lost, hugged me, the hug was so tight ehh that I was praying in my mind for her not to disengage 😁. To my disappointment, she immediately disengaged. (That kind thing) 😩

Me: Chai Gabby you’ve grown so big oo

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Gabriella: For your mind, you think am still that small girl you knew. Am now a big girl and in this school, am your senior 😂

Me:(Laughing) Forget about all these. Am here now, so what next?

Gabriella: Since you arrived late, the clearance won’t be done today.

Me: You promised accommodation for me, so where will that be?

Gabriella: I’ve already told my course mate that you will be staying withhim through out your stay. But for now, let’s go to my Lodge so you can eat. ☺


I was somehow disappointed 😞, don’t mind me cuz I thought I will be staying with her shaa 😎.

She took me to her lodge at Umuchima. The name of the Lodge is SUN PRESS Lodge.

“welcome to my humble abode” she said, slightly genuflecting.
I was busy observing the whole room. There was wall TV, small fridge, big war drobe, standing fan.
“This girl is really living a cozy life” I said to myself. 😒

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“please make yourself comfortable” she said walking away.
She came back with a small tray of fried rice and chicken with orange juice.

“ahh, all these for me? ” I asked, smiling 😊

“yeah” she said as she clapped her hands together. “manage it”

In less than 15 minutes, I devoured the food 😂. I can’t come and be doing shakara for Gabby nah.
She came back to the room.

“Ahh! Chizzy you can eat oo” she said parking the plate.
I was busy smiling “You don’t know me shaa” I said to myself. 😄

I reached out for my phone, I started playing FIFA. She came back, sat down beside me, doing as if she was interested in the game I was playing. She leaned on me. Moments later before I could say Jack, our heads were coming together 🤭. I was about pressing lips against hers….

“Don’t you dare!!” I heard a voice, I was shocked.
“who be that bastard wey wan spoil my mood? 😡” I said to myself……..

To be Continued


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