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Campus Story: Conflicted – Episode 1(How are we gonna get home?)


Author:  IBïNGHA Favour

Subtitle: How are we gonna get home??!

We arrived at the teens club at eight sharp and I could already hear the booming music from outside. I couldn’t start to imagine how loud it was going to be on the inside.
“Kev, please can we just go back, I really don’t feel like clubbing tonight” I grimaced.

” Spare me the crap. I didn’t come all the way here only to GO BACK”
Well, my death, here I come….
I was right. The inside of the club was ear piercing with booming music. People shouted at the top of their voices just to speak to the person opposite them.

Oh boy, I’m gonna have a rough night.
I looked around and digested the familiar view of the club. Disco bulbs lined up colourfully, dangling from the ceiling, in addition to the rope lights. It’s dim in here and you could barely see some couples making out at some corners of the wide room.

” I’ll be right back” Kev shouted and strode off before giving me the chance to object.
Well, isn’t Kelvin a nice person?, he dragged me to my grave only to be RIGHT BACK.

Moving to the long counter, I greeted the bartender at the other side. He should be in his early twenties.
“Fruit punch please, no alcohol” I ordered to the bored on his face.
I looked over at where Kelvin went to at the other side of the dancing crowd. I manage to see him and a group of other teens talking and laughing. I took a sip from the juice in the wine glass just as a girl came over and occupied the plastic swivel chair at my side.

Studying her steadily from the bottom, she was wearing a silver stiletto heels and her legs were so smooth and spotless in it’s yellowish cream colour. She had a gold belt on her white dress and she had a gold necklace dangling from her neck and similar gold earrings on her ears.

The curly strands of her black hair hangs down from her face like curtains and her face was…
” Oh my God, Annabelle ..” I exclaimed
She turned to me and her face cracked up into a shocked and suprised one.
” Well, well.. look who it is. If it isn’t my favorite nerd…” she teased and ordered for a drink.

” Wow, what a pleasant surprise… what brings you here?”
Maybe my night wouldn’t be so boring after all 😜🙃.
“Actually, my girlfriend practically dragged me here to celebrate her birthday. She refused to forgive my absence so I’ll be back in hostel tomorrow”  she said, teeth flashing against her glossy lips
” Girlfriend?” My mind took in a meaning
I noticed a slight hesitation and she recovered and replied.

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” My friend…”
Pheeew. I took in the meaning literally.
” So, you’re in hostel?” I asked
” Yeah” she eyed my outfit for a brief second ” What are you doing here alone?”

” Actually, we are in the same shoes. My friend decided to party out his belated birthday 😏”
She took a sip of her own yellow drink as we were completely ignored by the bartender.

” Well, I see you’re some kind of pretender showing his true colour right at our backs” she said and gazed right into my eyes, right through me, as if trying to force the truth and nothing but the truth out of me
” What? what do you mean?”
” You come to school all nerdy and shit but decide to dress smoking hot to a party… who are you?” she said full of humour.

” I’m someone who’s trying to make a point” she raised an eyebrow  “You see, I have this kind of personal theory, more like philosophy. It’s completely useless to bother about staying in fashion when you have an empty brain. School is meant for educational purposes and not a red carpet to show how rich you are. I’m perfectly comfortable with wearing rags to school than wearing it in future”
” So, the rest of us that are actually sane to dress the way we’ll like to be addressed are actually insane to you?” she asked not looking offended.

“Exactly my point. Some of us dress nice, not necessarily fancy, but just students like while some of us are crazy enough to wear crazy outfits and heavy make-up…. to school.”
She laughed and surprisingly melodiously… okay maybe not that surprising cause God does she look like an angel.
” So you think you dress like a student to school huh?, first day I saw you I thought you were a cleaner that lost his way only to find himself in science class but what I’m seeing here is an affirmation of otherwise.”

I made a hurt look.
” Ouch. You do realise you just hurt my feelings”.
She finally tried to stop the giggling.
” I’m sorry” she said still smiling
“Whatever. Thing is I’ll rather embrace the past’s culture than today’s habit”.

With this she looked at me with  twinkling eyes and her lips curved up at one side like she’s ….amused. Wow, I couldn’t believe she found me amusing.
“You’re crazy” she says and averts her gaze from me
” I know” I smirked in return.
” Can we go outside?, my head kinda hurts a little” she asked.
” Thought you’d never ask” I sighed in relief .
I took her hand and helped her down the tall stool swivel chair and we make our way out the building.

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We made our down the almost silent street except for the few sounds of dogs barking and the sound of the honk of a trailer somewhere far from here. The starlight casts some light but the lamp-post brightens the street.
” So, are you a citizen here?”
” Yeah. I’m Nigerian”
” You don’t say 😮, how’s that?”
“My mom’s Californian, my dad’s the Nigerian but my mom’s late now, so I’m black on the inside just different on the outside” .

” I noticed from your accent. Not like those whites in school that speak through their noses and talk like they’ve got burning food in their mouth” she gave a weak smile    “I’m sorry bout your mama” she added
” Yeah…. You don’t also look Nigerian or black in general, what went wrong?” I teased
“I’m African- American. My mom got dumped when I was conceived for a white man and here is my white ass in a black land” .

She made a feeble attempt at humour but I could only feel her pain behind that weak smile.
I let a considerable amount of silence envelope us before I say,
“I heard you’re player, but I figured you’re too reasonable to be that.”
As if unaffected or shocked by my confession.
” Oh dear, people say a lot bout me. It’s up to you to choose what you wish to believe”.

We had walked quite a distance from the teens cub house now and I could see a small restaurant far opposite us.
“I choose not to believe but I can’t help it. You’re not that nice towards boys, I noticed. I study people a lot and you were cold to all the guys for the past week”

“You’ve met me for a week and you already behave like you know me” her tone had changed, as if suddenly realising that she’s not supposed to be talking to me.
” Hey don’t take it the wrong way, I just wanted to know what the attitude was all about. But you don’t really have to explain yourself if you don’t want to” I clarified.

She puffed out.
“When does saying ‘no’ to a guy turn me into a player?. You see, Chrisland high has got a problem which is well similar to other high schools. A girl turns down a proposal and she suddenly becomes a bitch.” she flipped her hand mid-air when she said bitch.
“Well, why don’t you just date a guy and hopefully they’ll relief you of that title…”
” Seems like you’ve been getting yourself updated on the latest gossips about me” she rolled her eyes
“I’m not a fan too, trust me. But I also find it amusing that you detest guys with so much passion”.

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” Fine. There’s a reason. I have this mindset about boys that all of you are shitty players. There’s never a guy that understands the meaning of love and commitment until they’re well above 26. All they’re concerned about is to chop here, chop there and clean mouth”.

Too much amusement for one night. I told myself I’m a typical Nigerian boy but this girl just beat me to it by surprisingly speaking pidgin.
I recovered from her pidgin and came up with a counter point .
“It’s wrong of you to think that of every guy, not every one of us is like that”.
She didn’t seem convinced
” Hmm.. umm. I expected you to say that, not like you’ll agree to something bad said bout you”.

” But it’s true. It’s freaky how ladies encounter some disappointment and then change their mindset about everyone else. Fine, majority of us might be like that… –  she gave me a look –  …okay, we are like that but the tiny percentage of the rest of us are different”
” Whatever, I’m still not changing my mindset” she says with a smile.

We had gotten to the restaurant and we occupied the bench in front of it.

For the next twenty minutes, we chatted and laughed, catching up on the events that occurred in our lives.

    “You don’t say…. you mean you did it?” she asked admist giggles
” You bet our black-and-white ass I did” I say
And with that we burst into another round of laughter
I glanced at my wristwatch and jerked up.

” Oh shoot!!!”
“What’s up?” she asked
“Time’s gone. We need to get back before the club closes. I didn’t come with a personal ride”.
“Oh boy, neither did I. Race you there. The last one to get there is a chipmunk!!!” And with that she zoomed off running.

Seriously? 😥😩
I raced after her and another shocker, she’s a good runner. Even with my workouts, she beat me to it.
“Who’s a whimp?!, you are!!!” she said laughing and catching her breathe at the same time.
“Hey!!, you said chipmunk!!!” I protested.
” Silly ass, what difference does it make other than the fact that you lost to a girl”.

We laughed a few more seconds before noticing the few cars left in the club’s park.
“Hey!, my ride is not here!” I exclaimed in a sudden realisation.
” Geez, neither is mine!” Annabelle whined
Ohhhh, we are so toast .
I check the time and it was close to 11pm. How  are we gonna get home?

To be Continued.

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